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SBYBS is an all volunteer organization.

Who Can Volunteer
Any community member who wishes to become a volunteer may apply. Whatever talents or skills you have, we can use them! Across the country, volunteers are grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, retirees, community leaders, former Little Leaguers, friends, neighbors, and more.

What Can You Volunteer To Do? 
We need volunteers to be coaches, team parents, umpires as well as help with concessions (National & American leagues) and field maintenance, etc.  No experience required. Most of the volunteer opportunities require little or no training. Our league will provide you with any necessary training as well as support and encouragement. The best volunteers are those who are able to bring added enjoyment to the game simply by being themselves. What you see during Little League games is a mere fraction of what you can do as a volunteer. You can volunteer to help in virtually any aspect of Little League Baseball or Softball.

Coach Volunteers
We understand that volunteering to be a coach, especially when you have never coached before or are new to baseball.  That is why SBYBS has created a position on our Board of Directors dedicated to Coach and Player development.  Before the season starts, and at times during, we will be having Coaching clinics where, as coach volunteer, you can learn the skills necessary to be a good coach for your team.  This position will also help develop practice plans to guide you through the coaching process.  For more information, email us at [email protected].

How to Volunteer

If you are selected as a volunteer, a league representative or coach will be in contact with you.

Coaching Signup Deadline: Volunteers seeking a coaching assignment must be signed up by March 10.

‘Team Parent’ Defined: The role of the ‘Team Parent’ is very important to the successful operation of the league. The Team Parent assists the coaching staff with communication and parent relations, coordinates the team's phone tree, organizes snacks and/or team events as applicable, and assists the league in ensuring the team's participation in the Opening Day parade, team photo and Closing Ceremonies. National and American League Team Parents ensure volunteers are assigned to staff the concession stand as well as the scoreboard and announcing booth as scheduled by the league.

Questions about Being a Volunteer: Contact [email protected]


The board of directors of South Burlington Youth Baseball & Softball has mandated the following Code of Conduct.

No board member, manager, coach, team parent, player or spectator shall, at any time:

  • lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike, or threaten to strike an umpire.
  • be guilty of heaping personal verbal or physical abuse upon any umpire for any real or imaginary belief of a wrong decision or judgment.
  • be guilty of an objectionable demonstration of dissent at an umpire’s decision by throwing of gloves, helmets, hats, bats, balls, or any other forceful unsportsmanlike action.
  • be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of a game against the body of an opposing player.
  • be guilty of a physical attack upon any board member, umpire, manager, coach, player or spectator.
  • be guilty of the use of profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner at any time.
  • appear on or around the field of play, stands, or anywhere near players while in an intoxicated state. Intoxicated will be defined as an odor or behavior issue.
  • be guilty of gambling upon any play or outcome of any game with anyone at any time.
  • use tobacco products while in the stands or on the playing field or in any dugout as it is strictly prohibited. Smoking will only be permitted in designated areas* which will be no less than 20 feet from any spectator stands, field boundary lines, concessions stands or dugouts.  *There is no designated area at elementary school fields as smoking is not permitted on school grounds.
  • be guilty of publicly discussing with spectators in a derogatory or abusive manner any play, decision or a personal opinion on any players during the game.
  • as a manager or coach, be guilty of mingling with or fraternizing with spectators during the course of the game.
  • speak disrespectfully to any manager, coach, umpire or representative of the league.
  • be guilty of tampering or manipulating any league rosters, schedules, draft positions or selections, official score books, rankings, financial records or procedures.
  • challenge an umpire’s authority. The umpires shall have the authority and discretion during a game to penalize the offender according to the infraction up to and including expulsion from the game.

The Board of Directors will review all infractions of the Code of Conduct. Depending on the seriousness or frequency, the board may assess additional disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the league. 


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